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As much as I love Annie/Auggie, I honestly cannot wait for Eyal to come back and shake things up a bit. He’s probably my favorite¬†recurring¬†character. As for Simon, I never really was a big Annie/Simon shipper… To me he was just a distraction for Annie while Auggie was running around with Parker, and she ended up having feeling for him. To me, Annie never really “got over” her feeling for Auggie, she was just distracted by Simon. It kind of reminded me of her relationship with Ben in a way. The whirlwind romance, making rash decisions, and ultimately losing that person. Just a few thoughts. Also, have I mentioned how excited I am for Eyal to come back because I am. I super am.

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    I love Eyal! I am dying for his return!!! he is the highlight of every season for me.
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